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Review HHT OEM Heatilator & Quadrafire Pilot Assembly – NG (4021-728) – Original OEM Part

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Details: HHT OEM Heatilator & Quadrafire Pilot Assembly – NG (4021-728) – Original OEM Part

Brand: HHT

Replacement natural gas (NG) pilot assembly for Hearth & Home gas stoves, log sets and fireplaces. This pilot assembly is for units without a thermocouple. Fits the following HHT gas fireplace models: Quadra-Fire Gas Stoves: DV400 & DV400L – Pre Date Code 12/96 Heatilator Gas Fireplaces: EZ & EZL G112HA & G112HAL G360S & G360SL G520CL & G520CLL G520CR & G520CRL G760CH & G760CHL G920FL & G920FLL GC112 & GC112L GC300FL & GC300FLL – Pre date code 21/96 GC300ST & GC300STL – Pre date code 21/96 GC400SF & GC400SFL – Pre date code 21/96 GC500CL & GC500CLL – Pre date code 21/96 GC500CR & GC500CRL – Pre date code 21/96 GC720 & GC720L GC920 & GC920L CGC150 & CGC150L – Pre date code 39/95 CGC300 & CGC300L CGC400 & CGC400L G136 & G136L G200 & G200L G340 & G340L G420 & G420L GC100 & GC100L GC100A & GC100AL GC136 & GC136L GC150 & GC150L – Pre date code 39/95 GC200 & GC200L GC300 & GC300L GC340 & GC340L GC341 & GC341L GC341A & GC341AL GC361 & GC361L GC400 & GC400L GC420 & GC420L GC421 & GC421L GC1990 & GC1990L GC2000 & GC2000L GGBC36 & GGBC36L GGBC42 & GGBC42L GGBR36 & GGBR36L GGBR42 & GGBR42L DLS2 & DLS2L DLS18 & DLS18L DLS24 & DLS24L DLS30 & DLS30L FD36M & FD36ML FD42M & FD42ML HHT part # 4021-728 Replaces old part number 25731 OEM Heatilator part. May fit other models, check your owners manual for part numbers.

check price HHT OEM Heatilator & Quadrafire Pilot Assembly - NG (4021-728) - Original OEM Part


  • Products can be returned
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Heatilator & Quadra-Fire NG Pilot Assembly
  • 4021-728
  • Pilot Assembly is used on units without a thermocouple
  • For use on NG Stoves, Log Sets and Fireplaces


  • Is an online purchase
  • Delivery may be delayed in some areas.

review HHT OEM Heatilator & Quadrafire Pilot Assembly - NG (4021-728) - Original OEM Part

review HHT OEM Heatilator & Quadrafire Pilot Assembly - NG (4021-728) - Original OEM Part

Buyer Guide Natural Gas Space Heaters

 Natural gas space heaters are an amazing way to get warmth in your home. I know because I use them in my home and can recommend them to anyone.
  • Features. When choosing any appliance, you should make sure it’s the right size for your home, or that you’ll get enough heat from it. Of course, that depends on how much space you have.
  • Power. The gas heaters have power ratings that range from 1,000 to 8,000 BTUs. The higher the BTU, the more powerful the heater. In general, the higher the BTU, the more expensive the heater.
  • Heat Efficiency. An efficiency rating of 80 percent or lower isn’t great. These heaters usually cost less than 80 percent efficient.
  • Convection. Convection heaters circulate heated air throughout your home.
  • Efficiency. Generally, the higher the efficiency, the better the heater.
  • Heat Output. The heat output rating measures how many BTUs the heater puts out.
  • Fuel Type (Natural Gas or Propane). Natural gas heaters are less expensive to run than propane heaters.
  • Size. Choose the heater that’s big enough for your home and fits your space.

    How to choose Natural Gas Space Heaters

    To choose natural gas space heaters, homebuyers will need to consider a few different things. First, they need to know the heating capacity that they need. Second, they will need to consider how much space the heater will cover. Finally, they need to think about how much energy the heater will use, and where the heater will be located.

Heating Capacity: To find the heating capacity they need, homebuyers will have to figure out how much space the heater will cover. The rule of thumb for this is to choose the heater that will cover 12-15% of their home’s total area.

The amount of space that the space heater will cover is mostly determined by the size of the home. For example, if a home has 1,000 square feet, a 10,000 BTU unit would cover 100-150 square feet.

How to use Natural Gas Space Heaters

 Natural gas space heaters are popular in colder climates because they provide heat quickly, are very safe, and they are easy to use. These heaters can heat a room very quickly, and they are safer than other types of heaters.

Natural gas space heaters operate on natural convection, which means they use a fan to circulate warm air throughout the room. Instead of using an exposed flame, these heaters burn natural gas to produce heat. They are considered safe because there is no open flame, which is one of the main causes of fire.

The fan that does the circulating is powered by a thermostat, and you can adjust the temperature. A natural gas space heater can do anything from heating a small room to heating an entire house.