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Review SWEET HEAT MAX – Heat Focusing Reflector for Round Natural Gas and Propane Patio Heaters – 15″ Height For Extra Heat Reflecting Power

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Details: SWEET HEAT MAX – Heat Focusing Reflector for Round Natural Gas and Propane Patio Heaters – 15″ Height For Extra Heat Reflecting Power


Read more About Sweet Heat Reflectors The highly reflective, aluminum surface bounces heat like rays of light, similar to how a flashlight uses a reflector to focus light in the direction you point it. The durable construction of our reflector means you get quality you can count on for the life of your heater. Sweet Heat Directional Patio Heater Reflector Our heat focusing reflector redirects heat where you want it, protects trees and walls from unwanted exposure, and saves on propane. Enjoy the perfect amount of warmth, while using the minimum amount energy! Make Your Propane Last Longer Extended Heat Range and Increased Performance Block Heat From Trees and Walls Fits Most Full-Sized, Round, Gas, Patio Heaters Assembled In The USA – Patent Pending Read more Sweet Heat Original Sweet Heat Trifold Sweet Heat MAX Sweet Heat Table Top Applicable Heater Type Full-Size Round Patio Heaters Full-Size Round Patio Heaters Full-Size Round Top Patio Heaters Table Top Round Patio Heaters Dimensions 32″x11″ 35″x9.5″ 35″x15″ 22″x9.5″ Foldable? NA ✓ NA ✓ Material High Quality Aluminum High Quality Aluminum High Quality Aluminum High Quality Aluminum Heavy Duty Clamps? ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Country Assembled in USA Assembled in USA Assembled in USA Assembled in USA Cost 39.99 39.99 49.99 34.99 Tools Necessary? No tools needed No tools needed No tools needed No tools needed SWEET HEAT BENEFITS EXTENDED HEAT RANGE Independent, third-party studies show that Sweet Heat can redirect heat and increase the heat range of your patio heater by up to 70% toward your desired direction. Sweet Heat can also intensify the heat you feel coming from your heater. Say goodbye to shivers, and hello to sweet comfort. Actual results may vary BLOCKS HEAT Sweet Heat reflectors can block heat from walls, windows, trees and other objects which may improve safety in the areas surrounding your heater. Redirect heat only where you want it and keep objects behind the reflector cooler with Sweet Heat. Actual results may vary SAVE ON PROPANE Turn down the knob save BIG with Sweet Heat. Third-party, independent studies found that Sweet Heat can pay for itself in just one weekend by saving up to 3 dollars and 75 cents per hour in propane while in use. That’s because a heater with Sweet Heat may consume up to 60% less propane to deliver similar forward heat! Prepare to be amazed with Sweet Heat. Actual results may vary Read more HOW TO INSTALL STEP 1 Prepare your Sweet Heat for installation by turning each of the thumbscrews back slightly to open the gap. Make sure the gap is large enough to fit the rim of the overhead reflector on your heater. IMPORTANT: Prior to installation remove all packing material and peel film from the front side of the reflector. Do not remove the soft protective cap or the soft rectangular protective sleeve from the clamps. Those clamp protectors are made from high heat resistant materials. They are intended to stay on during use to increase clamp grip and help prevent scratches during installation. HOW TO INSTALL STEP 2 Make sure the heater is cool and shut off or disconnect the gas source prior to installation. Locate the gas control knob on your patio heater. As shown in the diagram, position the middle clamp of your Sweet Heat reflector on the opposite side or approximately 180 degrees from the location of the gas control knob. Place the rim of the heater’s overhead reflector into the middle clamp. Tighten the middle thumb screw until it is snug. Overtightening is not necessary and doing so may dent your heater. Verify that the middle clamp of your Sweet Heat reflector is installed on the opposite side of the gas control knob as shown or adjust the location as needed. Failure to follow these instructions can result in heater damage and personal injury. HOW TO INSTALL STEP 3 Gently bend either side of your Sweet Heat toward the heater until the rim of the patio heater enters the clamp on that side, then proceed by tightening the thumb screw until snug. Repeat the same thing for the other side and you’re all done! Check the thumb screws often to make sure they have not loosened up and are still tightly fastened to the heater top. To remove your Sweet Heat just follow these same steps backwards. Loosen the side clamps first and then remove your Sweet Heat after untightening the middle clamp. Just remember, never handle your Sweet Heat while it’s hot. Touching your Sweet Heat while hot can result in personal injury. HOW TO INSTALL STEP 4 Always make sure all three clamps are fastened securely before turning on your patio heater. When ready to use, safely connect the gas and ignite your heater. Keep in mind that your heater will now deliver much more heat than it did before. Proceed with caution and do not stand or sit too close until you know how it performs. It may be best to start off with low heat at first to make sure you do not overdo it. Slowly increase the heat until you’re comfortable. Please remember to remove your Sweet Heat when not in use and do not have it installed in windy conditions above 5 miles per hour. If a heater is not properly secured there is a heightened risk of tipping. Now sit back and enjoy the warmth! Review Clamp Parts Attach Middle Clamp Fasten Side Clamps Get Cozy Tech Specs Height: 15 inches Width: 35 inches Weight: 2 lbs Materials: Aluminum Built to Last Every Sweet Heat Reflector is made with high grade aluminum and machined with precision. With functional design leading way, Sweet Heat is an absolute upgrade for your patio heater. Read more

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review SWEET HEAT MAX - Heat Focusing Reflector for Round Natural Gas and Propane Patio Heaters - 15

review SWEET HEAT MAX - Heat Focusing Reflector for Round Natural Gas and Propane Patio Heaters - 15

Buyer Guide Propane Space Heaters

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    In order to safely use a space heater, there are a few safety precautions that you should follow:

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