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Review Comfort Zone CZ798 1500 Watt 3-Prong Milkhouse Utility Heater, Grey

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Details: Comfort Zone CZ798 1500 Watt 3-Prong Milkhouse Utility Heater, Grey

Brand: Comfort Zone

Efficient Heating Solution Quickly and easily warm up your garage, workshop or other enclosed space with this powerful portable heater from Comfort Zone. The energy-efficient compact design can help save you money on your heating bills by providing targeted heating performance where you need it. Its durable all-metal construction and utilitarian grey coloring make this compact utility heater a functional and practical addition to any workspace. Stay Safe and Warm Safety is always an important consideration when selecting a space heater for your home or garage. Luckily, this Comfort Zone utility heater with thermostat is loaded with convenient features to ensure your comfort and safety. Power and caution indicator lights let you know when the heater is operating and when there is cause for concern. It also comes equipped with a safety overheat protection sensor that prevents the heater from getting too hot and a safety tip-over switch that will instantly cut power if it is accidentally knocked over. The stay-cool metal housing features an oversized carry handle for safe and comfortable transport as needed. Create Your Comfort Zone With two powerful heat settings and an easy-to-use adjustable thermostat, it’s easy to find your comfort zone with this portable heater. In addition to low and high heat settings, a fan-only setting gives you the option for cooling power as well. A smart choice for a busy garage, this multiple-purpose portable heater fan eliminates the need to purchase additional appliances that can quickly clutter up your workspace.

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  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: Reduce your heating bills with this safe and durable electric portable heater. Its compact and powerful 1500 Watt performance provides targeted heating in an enclosed garage.
  • 3 POWERFUL SETTINGS: Choose from low and high heat settings on this utility heater and enjoy the convenience of a fan-only setting that eliminates the need for additional appliances.
  • ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT: It’s easy to find the perfect temperature and take control of your comfort zone with the adjustable rotary thermostat on this compact utility heater.
  • SAFETY FIRST: This portable utility heater is equipped with power and caution indicator lights, a tip-over switch and an overheat protection sensor to help ensure safe operation.


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review Comfort Zone CZ798 1500 Watt 3-Prong Milkhouse Utility Heater, Grey

review Comfort Zone CZ798 1500 Watt 3-Prong Milkhouse Utility Heater, Grey

Buyer Guide Electric Space Heaters

Space heaters are an important appliance to have in every home, as they help provide warmth to cold rooms. However, not all space heaters are created equal, and you might face difficulties while shopping for one.

  • Size and Weight. Space heaters come in a variety of styles and sizes, and all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. So, make sure you do your research before making a purchase.
  • Safety. Most space heaters, including ceramic heaters, have automatic safety shut-off features. But this doesn’t mean you should turn your heater on, and then fall asleep. Make sure you leave a permanent space heater out of reach of children, and never use one on a wet or flammable surface or while smoking.
  • Efficiency. Space heaters use electricity, so you’ll need to select one that’s energy efficient.
  • Maintenance. Electric heaters, in general, require maintenance every once in a while, and so should yours! This mostly involves changing the filter, cleaning the coils, and replacing the fuse.
  • Reviews. Reviews are extremely useful when shopping for appliances, so make sure you read all the reviews, both positive and negative.

How to choose Electric Space Heaters

 Here are some factors to consider when choosing an Electric Space Heater.

Placement and Size. Space heaters come in various sizes, ranging from 1,000 Watts to 2,000 Watts. The placement of your heater is also important. For example, most heaters are designed to be placed against a wall, but some models are designed to be used independently in open spaces.

Efficiency and Safety Features. Many heaters offer safety features such as auto-shutoff and overheat protection. However, you shouldn’t sacrifice efficiency for convenience. Make sure to choose a heater that features a high enough wattage to efficiently heat a space; otherwise, you’ll end up wasting a lot of energy and money.

How to use Electric Space Heaters

 The use of electric space heaters is on the rise. The reason is simple, portable electric heaters can provide a lot of benefits. They can keep you warm on cold days without producing a lot of noise, and they can also be more economical than using a central heating system to heat your entire home.

However, there are some important things you should keep in mind when using electric space heaters in your home. The most important thing to remember about electric space heaters is to never put them against any flammable materials. Make sure to use a mat, rug, or wood crate as padding between the heater and the floor.

You should also make sure to turn off the heater and unplug it before going to bed at night. This is standard operating procedure in many homes. If you forget to unplug the heater, you run the risk of waking up to a house fire in the middle of the night!